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This nicer dicer is AMAZING.  I was expecting a good product based on the ads, but what I got was a huge surprise.  This Pro Chef is so strong and durable that it cubed my apples as though they were tomatoes.  And the dicer blades are so sharp and so well installed in the plastic cutter that dicing onions and peppers was as easy as could be.  I cannot imagine a better gift to give my friends.

Kathy Spurlock
Verified Purchaser

And This Is Why . . .

Jkat Rue Product Designer

We reviewed hundreds of customer reports from 2011 & 2012 and identified two core improvements people wanted: sharper, better quality blades and more durable casing. So we got to work and reformulated the ABX plastic casing and imported the best 420 stainless steel money could buy. The Result -- Off da chisel! It's the most durable, sharpest, and cleanest Nicer Dicer ever built!

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Introducing: the Perfectly Amazing Pro Chef Nicer Dicer Plus Your All-in-One and One for All Food Dicing & Slicing Sensation!


This Pro Chef is an ingenious system for preparing salads, fruit and vegetable dishes, french fried potatoes, hash browns, and a whole lot more. Best of all, it will cut your prep time in the kitchen by 75% or more. What used to take more than 30 minutes to slice and dice will now be done in 5 minutes or less. And your finished food products come out professionally shaped and looking flawless!



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